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State Street Borders the Old Mill Village, the original areas of New Brookland. Today coffee shops, antiques stores and an eclectic collection of specialty shops line State Street and continue up Meeting Street. The Old Mill Village, long a favorite of students from the University of South Carolina, is now home to young families. The New Brookland Historic District goes to the river which is being developed into more activity areas.
Mention Triangle City to a West Columbia resident and they know you are talking about the bustling business district. Although West Columbia has grown, Triangle City remains the heart of business in West Columbia.
With its location on the Congaree River, West Columbia is primed for growth and development on this scenic site. Careful consideration and collaboration with its neighbors are creating new opportunities for West Columbia and her residents. A new amphitheater and walkway have been built on the river. Riverbanks Zoo and Botanical Gardens has an entrance located in West Columbia that takes visitors directly into the gardens which lie on the west side of the Congaree River. These developments offer access to the river with minimum impact on the natural areas.
Tree-lined streets with neat, attractive homes define the Avenues. When West Columbia grew from the river, the Avenues became the premier residential area with each street designated by letter such as D Avenue, and C Avenue. Now young families have moved into these homes breathing new life into this lovely residential area. During the holidays, streets are lined with Christmas trees. In the spring you won't find a more beautiful display of color. For a classic neighborhood be sure to visit the Avenues.
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